RR C-litter

Tracking result

mai 4, 2014 | Posted by in Ridgeback, RR C-litter | Kommentarer er skrudd av for Tracking result

SEVCH Adoreas Ridged Chewbecca got a 4th place out of 14 dogs in a tracking competition Saturday. She did so well that she even gained a Honor Prize! So proud of you Pernilla and Jidde!

More good x-ray results

feb 25, 2014 | Posted by in Kennel, RR C-litter | Kommentarer er skrudd av for More good x-ray results

I’m so happy to tell that both our keeper girls in Adoreas Ridged C-litter is HD: A and ED: A! Sisters Cola and Chloe!

RR D-litter meeting

feb 22, 2014 | Posted by in RR B-litter, RR C-litter, RR D-litter | Kommentarer er skrudd av for RR D-litter meeting

Adoreas Ridged Dakota was in town and she came for a visit. I haven’t seen her since she left the puppy pen. Sisters Dina and Diah also joined us, and Barclay and Cola were already here, and of course Toller Caprice. The dogs had some really good time, playing andRead more …