Valpeplaner Toller / Puppy plans Toller

S-LITTER copy mindre

Adoreas Red S
Adoreas Red S-kullet ble født 04. juli 2021. Det ble 4 valper; 3 jenter og 1 gutt. Mer info om kullet på deres egen siden HER!
/ Adoreas Red S-litter was born the 4th of July 2021. 3 girls and 1 boy. More info HERE!



T-LITTERmindreAdoreas Red T
Adoreas Red T-kullet ventes forhåpentligvis i slutten av august 2021. Kullet får sin egen side når vi vet om Odessa er drektig. Hun skal snart på ultralyd. Mer info kommer!
/ Adoreas Red T-litter will hopefully be born in the end of August. More info to come after the ultrasound!



Se info under her om hva vi vil vite om dere FØR dere sender oss en mail.

Vi selger kun valper til de som vil jobbe aktivt med hunden sin. Vi mener en Toller ikke egner seg som en ren familihund som kun får turer. Vi krever ikke at dere konkurrerer med hunden, men at den trenes i en hundesport/aktivitetsgren.

NB: Kennel Adorea prioriterer å selge valper til folk som vil jobbe med Tolleren sin i en eller annen hundesport. Det holder ikke bare med turtrim, men også hjernetrim som lydighet, agility, bruks, spor, jakt etc. Dere må ha en klar plan på hvilket liv dere kan tilby en Toller. Dere trenger ikke konkurrere med hunden, men dere må trene med den hele livet. En Toller som får bruke både hode og kropp er en lykkelig Toller! Dere må også ha god tid til å ha en valp. Det tar mye tid spesielt første året. En valp skal sosialiseres og miljøtrenes og den kan ikke være hjemme alene hele arbeidsdager på flere måneder.
Hvis dere er interesert i en TollerAdoreaner så send oss en e-post på hvor dere forteller alt om dere selv, hvorfor dere vil ha en Toller, hvilket liv dere kan tilby hunden, hvilket kjønn dere vil ha osv. Vi gleder oss til å høre fra dere!

Vi er alltid på søken etter fôrverter/deleiere. Les mer HER!


Kennel Adorea only sell puppies to puppy buyers who want to work with their dog. Whether obedience, agility, tracking or hunting training. A Toller that uses both head and body is a happy Toller! We don’t have the possibility to keep the pups longer than 8 weeks here at Kennel Adorea so if the pup need to stay longer because of export rules (rabies vaccine) we need to find a foster home for those weeks and that is probably not easy.

Requirements for Adorean puppy buyers:

Kennel Adorea only sell puppies to active people who have thought carefully trough what it means to have a Toller. The Toller is an active breed that I believe is not suitable for people who just want a calm family dog. The Toller is a cute and sweet dog, and many people therefore falls solely for it’s looks and size. The Toller is a dog that deserves to be worked with, and they will then be a more harmonious dog.
You must be able to take a holyday or have the opportunity to bring your puppy to work the first time after delivery. The next few months you also must have arranged so that the puppy will not be home alone all day.
You must check if anyone in the family are allergic before you even consider to buy a puppy.
You must have time to activate and socialize your puppy so it gets the best conditions in life.
You must afford to give the dog quality food, equipment, dog courses, vet visits, vaccinations and insurance.
You must x-ray the dog for HD and AA at approx. 18 months of age, and bring the dog to the vet when he needs it.
You must give the dog a good, caring, active and permanent home. The dog must become a part of the family.
I also want to meet you before deciding whether you get a puppy. Both you and I must feel that it’s okay since we will be in touch for many years to come. Do you live very far north or abroad, we can use References.
If you are on many puppy lists I would appreciate if you keep me informed about it, and let me know if you buy another puppy.
We never know how many puppies there are, so nobody gets promise of a puppy before they are born. And we also want to see if they develop nicely the first week before we contact the ones on the puppy list.

We put a lot of effort in socializing the puppies. They will meet all kind of people in all ages and sizes. We have 3 small kids that take great part in their weeks here at Adorea. Meet different dogs and sometimes other animals. They will also drive a lot of car so they will be confident with that on their journey to their new homes. From the birth to they are 2-2,5 weeks old they live in a puppy pen in a silent, calm room. From the age of 2-2,5 weeks and up to delivery they live in the living room. They will also spend a lot of time outside exploring lots of things, sounds and places.

Kennel Adorea decide when the pups are around 7,5 weeks old who’s going to witch home. To help us make that choice easier, we have to know what you have planned to do with your dog. Go to shows, hunting training, agility, field tracking etc.

The puppies will be delivered with: NKK`s (Norwegian Kennel Club) buyers contract, pedigree, veterinary certification, implanted ID tag as well as follow ups/contact with us as long as the dog lives.

You can follow their everyday life from the birth up to delivery in a photo album at Kennel Adorea’s Facebook page. Here is the puppy blog from one of our earlier litters. I hope the buyers will send many pictures and information about their pups growing up.

If you are interested in a pup from Kennel Adorea, send us an e-mail ( where you tell all about yourself (all the family members), just why you want a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and what you want to do with your dog.

The girls in Adoreas Red C-litter

The girls in Adoreas Red C-litter