Toller R-litter

Adoreas Red R-litter was born the 25th of January 2021. All the puppies have new homes.


Adoreas Red Jippi
  AMCH CANCH SU(U)CH Pikkinokka’s Ziggy Stardust CGC
Born: 17.02.2015
Sire:NL CH NL youth CH Kasomor’s Roy to Cashel Vale
Dam: NUCH DKUCH SEU(U)CH Danish Winner-17 Adoreas Red Caprice
Hips: B
Elbows: 0
PRA: A  CEA: A (by parents)
Eyes: Distichiasis (1 feilstilt øyehår) 13.11.20
Results: Norwegian and Danish Show Champion from limited showing. Best of Breed at big shows in Norway and Denmark. #Top 6 Toller NKK 2018.
Jippi’s page: HERE! Photo album: HERE!
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Born: 23.12.2004
Sire: CH Pikkinokka’s Commander Rab
Dam: CANCH Tollegend Canada Cup
Hips: AA OVC Pass (Fri)
Eyes: Clear
Results: American, Canadian and Swedish Show Champion. # Top 5 Toller In Canada 2006. #4 Toller in the AKC breed points 2007. #6 NSDTR In Canada 2009
Award of Excellence at Eukanuba 2007. Award of Merit at Wesminster 2008. Judges Award of Merit at the Canadian National Specialty 2009. Rally Novice 2012, 1 tag (napp) to Pre-Novice in Obedience.
Ziggy’s page: HERE! And HERE!
2alite ziggy_star_2


Mom to Adoreas Red R-litter is our stunning Jippi. She is a easy going and good tempered girl. She has done really well at dogs shows. 2 years old she had her debute at NKK Kristiansand with me, and she got the Cac a her very first show. 1 year later she join me to a trip to Denmark. At the first show in Steppinge she became 3rd Best Bitch with reserve CAC. The next day she vent all the way to Best of Breed with the Danish CAC and the Nordic CAC. She easliy gained her last two CAC’s in Norway that summer of 2018, and both beeing Best Bitch at NKK shows. She is one of the best dogs I have breed. And her temperament is really lovely. Read more about her at her own page here at Kennel Adorea: HERE!

Sire to our R-litter is the handsome Canadian male Ziggy. I have been following him since he visited Sweden at the World Dog Show in 2008. He was born in 2004, so he is dead now and Jippi was inseminated. Thank`s to Kennel Lauvstua for letting me buy the last frozen drops. Ziggy had a lovely temperament, and he is described as a «workaholic». And that is something the offspring have inherited. Unfortunately, he lived in a home where his work qualities were not particularly explored, and he therefore had nothing special to show on the work front beyond a title in Rally obedience and a tag in obedience. He had several offspring after him who have achieved the Senior Hunter title and who are working towards Masters titles, and also a couple of offspring are used in practical hunting. We therefore have great faith that we can see good work genes from this combination. Read more about Ziggy HERE!

We expect active and good looking Tollers with a friendly temperament out of this combination.

The pictures of Ziggy are borrowed from Simone Sortwell, Watermark Kennel and Lauvstua Kennel.

All the puppies have new homes.


All the pups shall have a name that starts with «R»!!! The puppy buyers decide the name, and we want the «R-name» to be their everyday name.


Pedigree Adoreas Red R-litter:

AM/CAN/SU(u) CH Pikkinokka’s Ziggy Stardust CGC Ch Pikkinokka’s Commander Rab Ch Beinnbhreagh’s Jalna’s Finish Can Ch Sehi’s Little Breton CD WC
Hedera’s Orchid Blossom
Can Ch Pikkinokka’s Seaside Tempest Can CH Kylador’s Designated Driver CD SHDX CGC NAC NGC AD FbDCH ShDCH AMCGC
Woodstream’s Sea Breeze
Can CH Tollegend Canada Cup Can CH Kylador’s Designated Driver CD SHDX CGC NAC NGC AD FbDCH ShDCH AMCGC Can Ch Westerlea’s Chance For Kylador CD
Can Ch Kylador’s Aldebaran Destiny CD
Can Ch Kylador Integrity Of Number 9 FbDX Can CH Jem’s Redstar Tobey CD
Cayuga’s Cedar Lass of Kylador
Adoreas Red Jippi
NL CH NL youth CH Kasomor’s Roy to Cashel Vale HRCH U-UD NSDTR US AKC CH Springvale’s Roy’ll Flush CDX MH WCX Can Ch
Glenmaurs Casey of Elias
Sagewood’s Silver Shadow
OTCH CH Kasomor’s Wack ‘Em N Stack ‘Em SH WCX CGN Can Ch Seabright’s Red Alert WCI JH AGX AADC SGDC CD
Ch Westerlea’s Kasomor Trio CDX WCX SH
NUCH SEU(U)CH DKUCH Danish Winner-13 Adoreas Red Caprice DKUCH SEU(U)CH Tuldahl’s Noah NORDUCH NUCH DKCH SU(U)CH SV05 NORDV08 Lauvstuas Mascot Keehnu
Happy Trails Frieda Jenten
NUCH SEU(U)CH Adoreas Red Alpha NORDCH DKCH SU(u)CH FINCH NUCH DKKC07 DKJUBV07 Andelokkerens Røde Oskar
NUCH SEU(u)CH Logrekroken´s Belle Kimba


Requirements for Adorean puppy buyers: Kennel Adorea only sell puppies to active people who have thought carefully trough what it means to have a Toller. The Toller is an active breed that I believe is not suitable for people who just want a calm family dog. The Toller is a cute and sweet dog, and many people therefore falls solely for it’s looks and size. The Toller is a dog that deserves to be worked with, and they will then be a more harmonious dog. You must be able to take a holyday or have the opportunity to bring your puppy to work the first time after delivery. The next few months you also must have arranged so that the puppy will not be home alone all day. You must check if anyone in the family are allergic before you even consider to buy a puppy. You must have time to activate and socialize your puppy so it gets the best conditions in life. You must afford to give the dog quality food, equipment, dog courses, vet visits, vaccinations and insurance. You must x-ray the dog for HD and ED at approx. 12 months of age, and bring the dog to the vet when he needs it. You must give the dog a good, caring, active and permanent home. The dog must become a part of the family. I also want to meet you before deciding whether you get a puppy. Both you and I must feel that it’s okay since we will be in touch for many years to come. Do you live very far north or abroad, we can use references. If you are on many puppy lists I would appreciate if you keep me informed about it, and let me know if you buy another puppy. We never know how many puppies there are, so nobody gets promise of a puppy before they are born. And we also want to see if they develop nicely the first week before we contact the ones on the puppy list. We put a lot of effort in socializing the puppies. They will meet all kind of people in all ages and sizes. Meet different dogs and other animals. They will also drive a lot of car so they will be confident with that on their journey to their new homes. From the birth to they are 2-2,5 weeks old they live in a puppy pen in a silent, calm room. From the age of 2-2,5 weeks and up to delivery they live in the living room. They will also spend a lot of time outside exploring lots of things, sounds and places. Kennel Adorea decide when the pups are around 7 weeks old who’s going to witch home. To help us make that choice easier, we have to know what you have planned to do with your dog. Go to shows, hunting training, agility, field tracking etc. The puppies will be delivered with: NKK`s (Norwegian Kennel Club) buyers contract, pedigree, veterinary certification, implanted ID tag as well as follow ups/contact with us as long as the dog lives. You can follow their everyday life from the birth up to delivery in a puppy blog. I hope the buyers will send many pictures and information about their pups growing up. If you are interested in a pup from Kennel Adorea, send us an e-mail where you tell all about yourself (all the family members), just why you want a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and what you want to do with your dog. What kind of life can you offer your dog?