NKK Kristiansand 2014. CAC and resCAC

Today we attended NKK Kr.sand. Since it’s close to were we live we had some cheeleaders there. Thank you all for comming! Nice to see so many Adoreans! And the whole, big family to Barclay :-)
And so fun that several of the handlers that attended my show training class last Wedenesday come by to thank me for the help. They had done great, with great results!

Well, over to our results!

The Ridgebacks:
Adoreas Ridged Barclay won Open Class with Excellent and CQ, and became fantastic 4th Best Male with reserveCAC (reserveCert). So close to the last CAC to finish his Champion title. He beat many nice champions in a very strong Best Male Class! I’m so pleased with our kind and handsome boy.
Adoreas Ridged Cola also misses one CAC after turned 2 years, but the judge thought she was to fat so she got a Very Good and became 2nd in Open Class. ;-)
Our grand old lady, Rex Ventors Mea Adorea, entered the Veteran Class for the first time. She got a nice critique but the judge gave her a Very Good because of her hanging boobs. :-)

The Tollers:
Adoreas Red Gossip Girls is finally getting into her nice coat again, and with a tagged Maiken in the other end of the leash they managed to first win the Intermediate Class with CQ, and then they vent all the way to 2nd best bitch with CAC and reserveCACIB. Now she only has to become 2 years old to compete for the last CAC.
Sweet Tiril showed Adoreas Red Frydi for the first time. They did a great job, and got VG.

Pictures from today taken by Erik:






Cola and the strict judge Leni Finne.


Happy Mea





Tiril and Frydi




Gossip in Best Bitch Class


Gossip with happy and proud mom and breeder. And Cola!


Last year at NKK Kr.sand Oscar was only 21 days old. This year he is 1 year old and has already been to many dog shows :-)


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