Adorea got a new Champion at NKK Kr.sand

We have had a great day at NKK Kr.sand today with lots of Adoreans attending (13). Toller: Adoreas Red Ibsen EXC1 in Junior Class. DKJW-13 Adoreas Red Goldenbamse EXC1 CQ CAC and 3rd best male and from open class and gaining his champion titles NUCH and DKUCH. Adoreas Red Frydi VG in Open Class. NUCH Adoreas Red Gossip Girl EXC2 CQ in Champion Class. Ridgebacks: Adoreas Ridged Barclay EXC1 CQ 4th Best Male. Adoreas Ridged Cicero EXC2 CQ. So fun to have both our boys as number 1 and 2 in Open Class, and both with CQ (ChampionQuality). Adoreas Ridged Escada EXC 1 and Adoreas Ridged Eden (l) VG2 in Junior Class. Adoreas Ridged Dina VG2 in Intermediate Class. Adoreas Ridged Chloe (l) EXC3 CQ, NORDJW-10 Adoreas Ridged Arwen EXC4, Adoreas Ridged Cola EXC and Adoreas Ridged Billie VG in Open Class. Arwen’s Breeding Class (Chloe, Cola, Escada, Eden) gained 1st with Honor Prize. Adoreas Breeder Class (Arwen, Chloe, Cola, Escada) gained 2nd with Honor Prize. Thank you all fantastic puppy buyers for this day, and so nice to see all other «dog»-friends!


DKJW-13 NUCH DKUCH Adoreas Red Goldenbamse


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