Ridgeback D-litter

Born: 26.06.13. Dam: Rex Ventors Mea Adorea Sire: Oppigårdens Solfångare
Natural mating
Status birth: 10 puppies born. 4 boys (2 correct and 2 ridgefaults) 6 girls (3 correct and 3 ridgefault. 1 DS operated)
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Adoreas Ridged Dominique

Correct ridge
Health status:
Results: BOB puppy, BIS-2 puppy
Owner: Trond Erik Haug, Sande in Norway

Adoreas Ridged Drake

Correct ridge
Health status:
Owner: Jenny Svenhard, Sweden




Mea is a well built, harmonious bitch with a lovely head and expression. She has several BOB-puppy placements, a BIS3 puppy placement, several CQ and best bitch placements, two CAC and BOB and a BIG3 placement.
The best thing she knows is to run in the forest. Field tracking is also a favourite.

Mea is the sweetest dog! She is so kind! She is not grown up with children, but she loves them. She can walk to a stroller an start to kiss the little kid. Parents with kids that are afraid of dogs let them meet Mea. She is so calm and gentle. Here are some pics of her in the puppypen giving her pups food while some kids that she didn’t knew paid us a visit. She is not used to cats either, but she loves them! And her puppies! She is the best dog mum I ever seen. She is made for that task! And when she now meet her first litter, she is thrilled! She plays with them and show us that she enjoys to meet them again. I haven’t experienced it to such an extent with other females. And when I have Toller litters she is the best play auntie! Here she is only 10 weeks old, and so gentle and careful. Here she is 1,5 years and still careful.

Mea is an easy dog to live with, and she has always been healthy. She comes from a litter where it is both exhibition champions and a bloodtrack champion. And Mea’s mom is the famous Multi Champion Multi Winner Rex Ventors Helinn.
Mea had her first litter in July 2009 and her second litter in November 2011. They are so far healthy and are wonderful companion to their owners. They also show a lot of promise in showing, obedience, tracking and agility. Her daughter Arwen has the title Nordic Junior Winner 2010 and has won a lot at the Agility court. She is the topwinning Agility Ridgeback in Norway 2011 and 2012.

For Mea’s last litter we have choosen the Swedish male, Diezel. He is a happy, good looking boy known for his great mentality.
I fell in love with him from the first second I met him, and I’m so satisfied with the choise of male.

Diezel is a medium sized dog (68 cm) with good bone, a great, strong topline and the sweetest head and expression. And most importantly, a fantastic temperament. His owners can’t praise his mentality enough, and his mentality test (MH) also showed that. Link HERE!

He has one very promising litter at Kennel Hunting Pride. They are good looking and confident pups.

Both Mea and Diezel have of course been healthy all their lifes. They are also good tracking dogs, and are from lines that are good trackers.




Pedigree Adoreas Ridged D-litter:

Oppigårdens Solfångare Oppigården’s Karl Johan SE VCH NO VCH
Juliagårdens Poseidon
Corleo’s Calypso
Hasselsnårets Pagan Lee
Oppigården’s Heroic Hurin
Red Regent Pemba
SE VCH SE UCH Oppigården’s Nova Caineabels Red Stanley SE UCH VDH CH INT UCH
Kianga Dagmar
Caineabels Red Lotus
Oppigården’s Endast Elin
Haibas Yanko
Maridadis Foxy
Rex Ventors Mea Adorea
SuCh SvCh
Rex Ventors Jabailey
Fin Ch
Ozubi´s Royal Gala
Vizara Shemesh of Shaban
Ozubi´s Kukumbuka Dubu
Nyassa Legacy GB Ch
Rex Ventors Beks at Nyassa
Kwekwe Kula of Nyassa
SvCh Int Ch NordCh DKCh
PlCh NordJV-03 EUW-05-06
SV-05 NV-06 NORDV-06-08
Rex Ventors Helinn
MultAT SCCP Int Lux Ch
Chipangali´s Kadan
Int MC Ch
Tandiwe Merigal´s Mad Gamble
AT Int Ch
Agnes Visconte de Simon
Nord Ch
Rex Ventors Daquila
Holl Lux Ch
Guus of Bo Kama
Multi Ch Multi Winner
Bearstar Diamond Willow