Ridgeback H-litter

We got 12 puppies the 16th of November 2016.  3 boys (all livernosed) and 9 girls (2 livernosed)!
If you are interessted in a puppy, send us an e-mail at gunntove@hotmail.com or phone me at +47 41228134! Pictures of the parents: HERE! Link to the PUPPYBLOG were all the pictures of the pups will be published!
Vi søker også fôrvert og/eller deleier til tispe og hannvalp. Les mer om det HER!

Thank’s to Maria Sundsdal for making the ad, and thank’s to Edyta Ossowska for the pictures of Casso.


cola2_5yearIMG_8131lite acassojune16


Adoreas Ridged Cola Nordic Champion, EUJW-15, NJW-15 Kangelani’s Piece of Art BISS-15
Born: 28.02.2012
Sire: SUCH SEVCH That’s Why He Is Arjuna
Dam: NORDJW-10 Adoreas Ridged Arwen
Hips: A
Elbows: 0
DM: N/A (carrier)
EAOD: High Confidence Clear
Dental status: Correct bite, full set of teeth
Results: BIS-puppy at an all breed puppyshow. BOS-puppy at the little Ridgeback Speciality aug. 12. 2 CAC, 1 BOS.
Her page: HERE
Pictures: HERE!
<3 Born: 26.06.2014
JunCH NL JunCH Amsterdam JW-12
Villagedogs Ka Makana BISS13-14s
Dam: NUCH Kangelani’s Kuwa Kita
Hips: A
Elbows: 0
DM: Normal N/N (free)
EAOD: High Confidence Clear
Results: Show Champion in Norway, Denmark and Sweden
at 2 years of age.
Best junior at the European Dog Show 2015.
Best junior at Norwegian Winner 2015. Best in Show at the Norwegian Speciality 15.
Casso’s homepage: HERE
Pictures: HERE!


Adorea’s hopes and expectations is that this combination will give us good looking and healthy Ridgebacks with good temper.

Our sweet and loving girl, Cola, is now going to have her second litter. She is our faithful friend with a wonderful temperament. So kind to kids, and so easy to live with. When we had our D and E-litter Cola was the one that many of the puppy buyers wanted to bring home instead of a pup ;-)
Cola loves to cuddle up in the sofa, and to run i the woods. She likes agility training and blood tracking. She also has started training weight pulling.

Cola is from our wonderful C-litter. 12 puppies that are great companions to their owners. One of her sisters, SEVCH Adoreas Ridged Chewbecca, lives in Sweden with 2 other RR and her owners can’t praise her mentality enough. She has done a really good BHP. And that she is a good working dog and a pretty girl aswell is just a big plus. She became Swedish Tracking Champion only 1 year old, and she became 2nd Best Bitch at Copenhagen Winner 2013. 7 of the pups lives with people that have or have had Ridgeback before, and then it’s extra fun to hear that they are so pleased with the temper. All of the puppies that are x-rayed in the litter are free.

Cola is the mother of our fantastic F-litter. Read more about them (and see lots of pictures) in the F-litter-blog. We have her daughter Farah living with us, and she is my dream Ridgeback.

Cola's daugher Farah

Cola’s daugher Farah

Ever since Casso was born I have been totally in love with him. When I was looking for the perfect match for Cola I always ended up thinking of Casso. And everytime I asked Marit for some help looking for a male to Cola, she mentioned a lot of males, but also ended up that Casso was the perfect choice. She knows Cola and her lines well, aswell as what Cola gave in her first litter.
He has the lenght and depth in body, the wide jaw, not too tall, the level topline and the perfect tail set. All the things that I was looking for in the perfect match for Cola.
In addition to having the most beautiful exterior, Casso also has a wonderful temperament. He goes along fine with other males, kids, puppies and all he meet on his way. A rock steady male.
I have followed Casso, his brother Philip and 3 sisters from they were puppies, and I love them all.

We were not expeting Cola to come into heat before the end of the year, so we were a bit chocked when she started her heat in the middle of September. Casso was only 27 months old at that time. If we waited for her next heat it would be just when I started to work again, I now have a extra time home in maternity leave. And we have a couple of old puppy buyers that didn’t got a girl last time we had puppies (G-litter – only 1 girl), so they were hoping that we didn’t wait to long to try again. Since Casso was 3 months too young to forfill the Norwegian Ridgeback Club’s new guidline that the parents should be 30 months old, we started to look for another male. But either they were not tested for DM or they were too closely related to Cola, or they just did not fit our girl for other reasons. It’s not easy to find a suitable male on such a short notice, and Casso had been my #1 candidate for Cola right from the start. So we decided to follow our hearts and let Cola meet Casso <3 Cola is now confirmed in whelp <3

A big thank you to Marit Hjartøy for letting us use stunning Casso!

Stunning Casso 4,5 month old <3

If you are interested in more info, or just have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at e-mail: gunntove@hotmail.com of phone: +47 41228134

Photos of the parents HERE! Link to the puppy blog for this litter: HERE!

All the puppies shall have names that start with «H»

Vi søker en fôrvert på Sørlandet for en tispevalp og kanskje en hannvalp. Ta kontakt for mer info! HER ble jeg intervjuet i Hundesport om det å være fôrvert.

Requirements for Adorean puppy buyers

Kennel Adorea only sell puppies to active people who have thought carefully trough what it means to have a Ridgeback. The Ridgeback is a dog that deserves to be activated, and they will then be a more harmonious dog.

You must be able to take a holyday or have the opportunity to bring your puppy to work the first time after delivery. The next few months you also must have arranged so that the puppy will not be home alone all day.
You must check if anyone in the family are allergic before you even consider to buy a puppy.
You must have time to activate and socialize your puppy so it gets the best conditions in life.
You must afford to give the dog quality food, equipment, dog courses, vet visits, vaccinations and insurance.
You must x-ray the dog for HD and AA at approx. 18 months of age, and bring the dog to the vet when he needs it.
You must give the dog a good, caring, active and permanent home. The dog must become a part of the family.
I also want to meet you before deciding whether you get a puppy. Both you and I must feel that it’s okay since we will be in touch for many years to come. Do you live very far north or abroad, we can use references.
If you are on many puppy lists I would appreciate if you keep me informed about it, and let me know if you buy another puppy.
We never know how many puppies there are, so nobody gets promise of a puppy before they are born.

We put a lot of effort in socializing the puppies. They will meet all kind of people in all ages and sizes. Meet different dogs and other animals. They will also drive a lot of car so they will be confident with that on their journey to their new home.

The first weeks the pups will live in a puppy pen in a quiet room. When they turn 2-3 weeks they will move to the living room. They will experience lots of things and sounds in the house. When they are 5 weeks old we will start to drive car with the pups, and later go on adventurous trips with the pups. They will also spend a lot of time outside exploring lots of things, sounds and places. It’s so important that they get socialized!

The puppies will be delivered with: NKK`s (Norwegian Kennel Club) buyers contract, pedigree, veterinary certification, dewormed 4 times, implanted ID tag, lots of info, as well as follow ups/contact with us as long as the dog lives.

Kennel Adorea decide when the pups are around 7 weeks old who’s going to witch home. To help us make that choice easier, we have to know what you have planned to do with your dog.

You can follow their everyday life from the birth up to delivery in a puppy blog. Here is the puppy blog from one of our last litters. I hope the buyers will send many pictures and information about their pups growing up.

In every litter there can be born puppies that are not potential showdogs. They can have an extra crown in their ridge, they can have a kinked tail or they can be born without a ridge. They are as good as any, and we seek loving homes for them too.

Pedigree Adoreas Ridged H-litter:

Nordic Champion, EUJW-15, NJW-15
Kangelani’s Piece of Art BISS-15
BL JunCH NL JunCH Amsterdam JW-12
Villagedogs Ka Makana BISS13-14
Villagedogs Hot Topic
Ikimba Watimu
Ukukhanya Midsummer-night’s Dream
Pupukearidge Kela Kai O Villagedogs
Pupukearidge Ikaika O Sprngvly
Starridge Kela O Pupukea
Kangelani’s Kuwa Kita
INTUCH NordicCh FINCh NUCH SEUCH NW-05,-06 Nordic W-06
Masithela’s Irresistible Chango
IntUch NuCh DkUch SEUch LuxCh NordicW-01,-02,-03
Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron
NuCh DkCh NordicW-98 NW-00
Ami Sariba
C.I.B NordW-13, Nord CH, WW-10, LVCH, ESTCH,
Kangelanis Gentle Gaby By Clay
ZaCh ZwCh
Globe’s Roving Red Regent
IntUch NordicCh FinUch NuCh DkUch KBHW-04
Kamba Anatulinda’s E’Zena
Adoreas Ridged Cola
That’s Why He Is Arjuna
Makker That’s Why He Is Wa-Wa
Mzazi’s Guinevere Nashira’s Excalibur Of Ridgelea
That’s Why She Is Wish’ Come True
Adoreas Ridged Arwen
Djungelkattens Wasco Da Persbrandt
Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron
Zumeli’s Ashiki
Rex Ventors Mea Adorea SuCh SvCh
Rex Ventors Jabailey
SvCh Int Ch NordCh DKCh
PlCh NordJV-03 EUW-05-06
SV-05 NV-06 NORDV-06-08
Rex Ventors Helinn