Rex Ventor Mea Adorea

Born: 10.03.06
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Veronica Thorén S28510/2006
Hight: 65-66 cm
Weight: 37 kg
Eyes: Free
Mentalitytested: Gunshootproof (1)
Results: BOB-puppy, BIG-puppy, BIS3-puppy. Several CQ, 1 CC and BOB and BIG3

Living with: Kennel Adorea

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  The most beautiful Mea in the world! Mea means "my" in Latin. The breeder name ”Adorea” is the Latin word for ”victory” and ”triumph”. So Mea is my victory!

Mea is the daughter of my favourite; the fantastic Rex Ventors Helinn. Helinn is the most winning RR in Sweden in 2004, 2005 and 2006. She is also
European Winner in 2005 and 2006! She holds the titels: Int Nord Pl Ch SvCh NordJV-03 EUW-05 EUW-06 SV-05 NV-06 NORDV-06 Rex Ventors Helinn BISS-04!!! Mea´s father is SUCH SVCH Rex Ventors Jabailey. He is a very handsome and well built boy! I fell so lucky that Veronica entrusted med with this special girl!

Mea has done very well inn puppyshows.
Mea was BOS-puppy 4-6 months (her brother Maddox was BOB) at the Swedish National Specialty. Her greatest achievement was being BIS-3 at a large kennel club puppy show in Stavanger okt 06.
Mea is also trained in fieldtracking, and will continue to train towards competitions hopefully in 2007.
She has the sweetest temper and are very social. She is a real treasure!

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Mea 15 uker (26.06.06)

Mea 5 mnd!

Mea 7 mnd!


Mea 9 mnd (27.12.06)