The Nordic Winner Show 2010
LillestrÝm 28.11.10

Starring the Ridgeback; Adoreas Ridged Arwen and the Tollers; Adoreas Red Caprice and NUCH SE(U)UCH Adoreas Red Alpha.

Arwen won the big, strong junior class with CQ (excellent) and then gained the title NORDJV-10.

Caprice won the intermediate class with CQ (excellent), and her mum Alphsa won the big, strong champion class with CQ (excellent). Then both my girls were placed among the four best bitches. Caprice as 2nd best bitch with CACIB and Alpha as 3rd with resCACIB. I think I read one place that it was 44 bitches there.


NORDJV-10 Adoreas Ridged Arwen
Arwen and me on the move
Arwen stretching
The pics of my happy face when Arwen won the strong junior class were unfortunately too blurry, but I can promise you that I was just a big SMILE!
Arwen in best bitch, and a consentrated GT. (Photo: Mona Hansen)
Arwen and old auntie RV Hazel. (Photo: Mona Hansen)
Arwen was not placed in best bitch, but she was among the last to leave the ring. I'm more than happy with our little junior! (Photo: Mona Hansen)
Caprice in front of the judge
All the pics of her running were blurry, but this one shows here wonderful movements
Caprice won the intermediate class. 2nd was Kanutten from Tigerstadens Kennel.
Alpha in the champion class
Alpha on the move
Sweet Alpha in front of the judge
Happy GT running for the first place
Alpha first, and Salsa from Lauvstua Kennel second.
My friend Kamilla (RR breeder) was nice to help me out in the best bitch- Thanks!
Another blurry pic of Caprice running. But this girl can move! :-)
Alpha and Kamilla. Kamilla did a great debute in the Toller ring! :-)
Alpha on the move
And sweet Caprice
We had to run a lot before the judge made up her mind.
And both my girls in the top three! Nila from Kennel  Chrilika as nr 1. Congrats!!!
And Vixen from Kennel Heliomar as nr 4. Congrats!
Mum Alpha gives her daugther Caprice a congrats kiss!
Caprice with her CACIB