MyDog 2010

We have had some fantastic results at MyDog 2010 in Gothenburg. We brought two dogs, and both became Swedish Champions! At their first atempt in Sweden! I'm thrilled! And from two different litter combinations!
Each day between 40-50 Tollers were attending. 2 years ago their mum Kimba became Swedish Champion at the same show.

I had a cold so the trip to Sweden was not so easy for me. Luckily me and Hege vent together with Mona (RR Sheriff), so Mona drove the car from Oslo. You two make a great travel company, Hege and Mona! We must do this again! We had planned a lot of shopping both Thursday and Friday, but due to my cold we stayed at the hotel after the show Thursday and drove straight to Oslo after the show Friday. But we did have a nice dinner at the hotel Thursday evening together with the people at the RR kennels; Dahido, Damisi and Steekbard.
It was so nice to see both the Toller and the RR people ringside both days! And thank you all for all the congratulations! :-)

Adoreas Red Bailey and me in the showring 
In front of the judge
Bailey winning the Open class with CQ
Happy breeder/handler GT
The judge (Carl Gunnar Staffberg) select the dogs that he want to place in best male
Happy GT with the CC that makes Bailey a Swedish Champion
Happy happy happy
Stunning new Baileychampion
Adoreas Red Alpha and me in the showring 
I'm still smiling!
And more smiling when Alpha became best bitch and swedish champion. :-)
The worlds most sweet championAlpha
Alpha BOS against BOB Renanders Key Clarfino
Adoreas Red Alpha standing like a statue
The two new Swedish champions playing in bed at Scandic in Gothenburg
Friday at MyDog we could relax and just have fun in the ring!
NUCH SEU(U)CH Adoreas Red Bailey in the showring 
Wonder what I was thinking of here. A warm bed so I could get rid of my cold...?
Bailey second best in champion class 
The juniors in best male class 
The intermediate boys and best working dog in best male class
The second best working dog and best open class dog in best male class
The best open class dog, the best and second best champion in best male class
The second and third best champion in best male class. The best Veteran didn't show in the picture.
Placing the best dogs.
Alpha on the move!
The three bitches placed in champion class
Best bitch class
Alpha 3rd best bitch with a happy breeder/handler.
The two new Swedish champions from Kennel Adorea
The two new Swedish champions from Kennel Adorea with the very happy and content breeder GT!