Adoreas Red Bel Canto
Born: 01.07.2007
Sex: Dog /07
Hight:  Weight:
HD:  AA:
Eyes: DNA A/B
Living with: The Johannessen family in Arendal
Breeding rights: Kennel Adorea

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This good looking boy lives only 5 minutes from Kennel Adorea. What a luck! He will live an active life with the Johannessen family. I have to write the Johannessen family because the whole family are so eager to work with him. Bel Canto will be trained in the Nordic Working dog programme, obedience and agility. Bel Canto is very promising, and I have been so lucky to keep the breeding rights on this little fellow. I look forward to going to shows with Bel Canto and the Johannessen family.