Adoreas Red Bijou Coeur
Name:  Adoreas Red Bijou Coeur
Born:  01.07.2007
Sex:  Female
Reg nr: 16816/07

DKCH NUCH Shaggy Toller's Zilver Zimba
Dam:  NUCH SEU(U)CH Logrekroken's Belle Kimba
Pedigree: HERE

Hips: A
Clear (07.07.10)

2nd best junior bitch with CQ at the Norwegian Tollerspeciality 08. 1st prize in quality at the World Dog Show 08 and at the Swedish Tollerspeciality 09.

Breeding: Dam of Adoreas E litter

Kennel Adorea and Arnt Trętli.
Living with: The Trętli family in Ski.
  When she was a puppy Bijou had this white spot on her forehead shaped as a heart, and right from she was born she stole my heart. So therefore "Coeur" (heart in French) as a co-name to her call name Bijou (jewelry in French). At day time Bijou join dad Arnt at the office. In the evenings and the weekends they either walk, run or go skiing. Bijou didn't like it so well at the last dogshows and since she lives so far away, we haven't bothered lately. Bijou is extremely cuddly and she loves to sit on your lap. I spent some time with her this summer and I love to be around her. I took her to the countryside to meet horses and hens and she was just calm and curious. I took her to meet lots of people and she was just cuddly. And in Oslo (after checking her eyes at the Vet and playing with lots of dogs there) I took her for a walk with my friend and her two very young kids, and Bijou just loved the attention.
Bijou has developed very nicely and has a very well built body. If everything goes as planned she will be the mother of our E litter!

Puppy pictures of her as Miss Purple
13 weeks old
Mixed pictures of Bijou
Bijou 3 years old (