NORDJW-10 Adoreas Ridged Arwen
Name:  NORDJW-10 Adoreas Ridged Arwen
Born:  28.07.2009
Sex:  Female
Reg nr: NO50733/2009

SUCH NUCH SV-04 Djungelkattens Wasco da Persbrandt
Rex Ventors Mea Adorea
Pedigree: HERE


Nordic Junior Winner titel 2010. Several CQ's and best bitch 2 placement.  BOB and BIG-3 puppy.
Top winning Agility Ridgeback in Norway 2011* (not official yet, but we think she is the only RR in Norway in 2011 that has won that much).
2 1st prizes in Agility Class 1 (Excellent)
1 Leg in Agility.
NKK's Silver tag in Agility.

Breeding: Planned dam of Adoreas C litter.

Kennel Adorea
Living with: Merete, Jørgen and Tristan in Tvedestrand

Arwen is the promising little girl that we kept from our first litter. And we are so proud of her, both from her everyday life, in the show ring and at the Agility court! She is the easiest dog to live with. So kind with everyone. She is the sweetest dog, and she charm everyone on her way. She is almost never in a leash. She is very obedient and she never chases cats or rabbits when she is unleashed.
Arwen has done well in the show ring even from limited showing.
Arwen is also our big Agility Star. She train Agility every week, and from 3 starting official competitions she has won 2 of them, and got a 2nd place in the 3rd. At her debut at NKK Stavanger she also gained her first Leg (she needs 3 Legs to reach Class 2). It was really huge to stand on the 1st place with a Ridgeback on the Agility competition in both NKK Stavanger and NKK Hamar 2011. It's not often a Ridgeback wins. She has also started at lots of unofficial competitions, and she and sister Almea shared an overall 4th place out of 30 starting dogs (all breeds) at the Agility Cup Sørlandet 2011.

Arwen is best friends with the neighbours cat. They even share her bed, and that's a bit strange since she is not used to cats before she was 1 year old. She is also best friend with sister Almea (Adoreas Ridged Almea). They live in the same neighbourhood and spend a lot of time together. They are really close. Arwen is also very close with her mom Mea. They love to hang out together.
According to "mom" Merete she is the "perfect dog"!

Favourite pictures: HERE